Invitation to participate in the Lithuanian Cup competition


-Organizer of competition – Lithuanian Hunt Shooting Federation
-Competition will be held according to official F.I.T.A.S.C Compak sporting® rules.
-Format – 2 days, 200 targets
-Awards in the A  group. Junior, Veteran and Women if there will be more than 3

-Max participants – 96
-Entry Fee – 70 € for Lithuanian Hunt Shooting Federation members and 80 € to others, 50 € to women  and 35 € for Juniors.
-Online registration – (until 11 of September  4 PM)
-Training – 11 of September 10 AM – 7 PM
-Registration – from 9 AM 12 of September
-Opening ceremony – 9:40 AM
-Competition start – 10:00 AM
-Second day start – 10 AM

– squads , timetable and score live (from evening of 12 of September ): HERE


Depending on the quarantine situation, we recommend and ask you to pay the entry fee by bank transfer and do so before the start of the competition.

Recipient: Lithuanian Hunting Shooting Federation
Account with SEB bank: LT177044060004859298
Purpose: entry fee Lithuanian Cup III stage
Participants will be required to wear protective equipment (face masks, respirators or other means) covering their nose and mouth in enclosed spaces. We also ask that you do not go to the competition if you have acute signs of upper respiratory illness (eg fever (37.3 ° C and above), runny nose, cough, sneezing, difficulty breathing, etc.).