Lithuanian Hunting Shooting Federation


Adopted by the CSFF meeting in 2005 February 15

Basic statements

–          The purpose of this Code is to make hunting shooting or training a source of good spirits, respecting the rules of safe conduct and respecting people around them.

–          In order to eliminate the possibility of mistakes, all punishments for the members of the LSSR are discussed at the meeting of the members of the LFSF Board.

–          In order to protect the rights of members of the LSSF, it is recognized that each member has the right to a fair, reasonable and proportionate examination of the amount of the violation; each member has the right to be informed about the decisions of the LSHR in respect to her; each member has the right to appeal against the decision of the Executive Director. Each member has the right to participate in the proceedings. No member can be removed for the first time when this Code has been violated unless he has committed a very serious breach. All decisions of the LSHR must be made public.

The followings outlined below are dealt with by the Executive Director or Federation of any member or members of the Board and are within their competence. The actions listed below by the LSSR members are not defined as complete and covering all possible misconduct and may be supplemented if they are in line with the spirit of this code.

a)      Misconduct is the following actions and results in a written warning from the Executive Director or a member of the federation’s board or the requirement to act correctly, and in this case there is no possibility of punishment action being considered.

. Unsafe behavior

. Behavior that causes equipment or property to fall, regardless of who it is.

. persistent breach of the event, impediment or obstruction of other members.

. refusal to make reasonable, acceptable instructions provided by the organizers or official officials

. Abnormal messages, signs at the venue or other destructive or disruptive actions

. collapse of the event or participation in the event after the bounty of the organizers

. Other actions of similar importance as mentioned above or within the scope of the Executive Director’s activities.

Repeated instances of Misconduct or Disassembly and Destruction may be considered as Serious Irregularities that may be subject to penalties.

b) Serious irregularities are such serious actions that, in the opinion of a member of the Executive Director or the federation,required a discussion of the FSMF. This can be the following:

. Repeated, deliberate, demonstrative misconduct

. Thoughtfull and intentionall breaks in the rules of the LSSR

. Any attempt to take precedence over other with dishonest or unfair methods

. Theft or graft

. Use of threats or flood, offensive words

. Participation under the influence of drugs or alcohol

. malicious behavior with property, regardless of who it is

. ignoring security

. lying, or giving false information or changing results, prizes, schedules, etc., without the authority.

. Deliberate, intentionall interference for the events, competitions, other participants or officials

. other actions that, in the opinion of the Executive Director, undermine the authority of the LSSR or leave unpunished, may harm the Federation or its members.

c)      Very serious violations. Is an action that, in the opinion of the Executive Director or member of any federation board, is deemed urgent by the member. The Executive Director or the President, in an urgent consultation, authorizes the Executive Director to remove a member of such an action without the consideration of the members of the Executive Committee. The removed member has the right to complete the consideration of the members of the executive committee as soon as possible, but can not be considered as a member of the LFSF until the evaluation of his actions by the Executive Committee. Very serious violations can be as follows:

. physical attack or other attack on the shootout event or in the case of related activities, serious threat, intimidation or use of force.

. reckless,unreasoned breach of basic security rules

. mild or immoral animal damage or demolition and property damage from purely malicious incentives

. being involved in criminal misconduct involving weapons or physical violence or abuse

. other actions that can be attributed to serious misconduct against members of the LFSR, servicing staff or officials.