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rugpjūčio 7, 2021 - rugpjūčio 8, 2021





  1. Time and Place:

7 -8 of August










Shooting range “Ievassiers”, Vecbebri, Zemiesi,

START AT.10:00


2 days; each day = 100 targets;

12 shooting places each day;

First day – only doubles;

All participants will be splitted in ABC groups after first day results.


Second day – singles and doubles;


After first day, we will organize big previous training/competition’s awarding:

– 2020.g. Latvian athletes Compak Sporting overal raiting;

– 2021.g. Latvian Championship Compak Sporting 1.2.3.stages;

– 2021.g. English Sporting Championship.


Afterparty with delitious from Ievassiers, party cake utc.

Fun shooting (special programm)* one winner with money fund.


Observing all safety regulations and Latvian Sports Federation guidelines for the implementation of epidemiological safety measures to limit the spread of Covid-19 infection during the competition.


  1. Organizer: Latvian Sporting Federation.
  2. Dalībnieki: Latvians and foreign athlets.
  3. Entry fee.

90 Eur – with licences;

100 Eur – foreign and athlets from Latvia without licence;

Juniors – for free.


For participation is it possible to pay only through a bank account! 


Latvian Sporting Federation 40008062988


Purpose of payment: participation in competitions SUMMER TOURNAMENT


  1. Evaluation and awarding.

Winners are determined from 200 targets; in case of equal results there is a „shoot off“.

The winners of the 1st to 3rd places in each group will be awarded with cash prizes of 200, 150 and 50 euros.

The awarding is performed by the Latvian Sports Federation.


  1. Registration:

It is obligatory to make registration till 5 of August!

Registration through website or by email: uz e-pastu,vai

Phone nr. +37129269529

*fun shooting programm un RULES!


7 of August, after competition’s programm.

Fun shooting = 15 targets:

There is possibility to shoot in one target twice:

1 – single

2 – single

3 – single

4 – single

5 – single


Doubles, where in obligatory is target “1”.  if the target “1” isn’t broken, result of the second target is not counted.

1+2 – double on report

1+3 – double on report

1+4 – double on report

1+5 – double on report


In shooter’s choice any target in double, the target cannot be repeated:



Fun shooting entry:10 eur


rugpjūčio 7, 2021
rugpjūčio 8, 2021
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